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FROM HERE TO HER Artist Collective

Last weekend two of our own, along with 38 other Milwaukee artists, participated in CultureJam Mke — an eye-opening, DIY exhibition that challenged dominant notions of the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment. 

FHTH artists Kerri Root and Katie Mullen created original work specifically for this show. Here’s a detail shot from Kerri’s 4’x6’ wood panel “Every Daughter.” You can check out her full piece and Katie’s “Mothers of Our Nations” painting here

We were proud to show with and happy to get to know other local artists using their craft to inspire critical thinking about the state of our culture! 

Thanks again to everyone who helped us create a community mural honoring Maya Angelou during Bay View Gallery Night! You can see the final piece at — a site we created to share it out with her family and friends. 

Help us increase the chances it will make it to them by tweeting this link + #honoringmaya. 

Check out the story behind our involvement in the new Alverno billboard campaign here. 

Alverno College was the first sponsor of our annual gallery…fully supporting our mission from day one. It’s turned into a really beautiful partnership!

This Friday, as part of Bay View Gallery Night, we’ll be creating a community mural in honor of Maya Angelou. If she meant something to you too, please stop by and write, draw or paint your own tribute to her alongside our artists. 

Check out photos from our 2014 Gallery Opening.

Thanks so much to all who came, left answers to the exhibit question, donated to our community partner TRUE Skool, performed at the opening, covered our story in the press, bought our work, sent us notes of encouragement, and to everyone who cares for us personally or supports our cause in general. 

Alverno College commissioned us to create portraits of alumna for the latest round of their infamous billboard campaign. This is the first time their billboard images have been created exclusively by local artists and also the first time they’ve depicted women of Alverno. 

Congratulations to Kerri Root, Rachel Hughes, Jasmine Barmore and Miranda Petroviak on the great work!! We’re very proud.

You can check out all four original portraits on our Facebook page

FROM HERE TO HER in the news

"Noting that the two groups share a commitment to explore social justice issues through art, Mullen explained that for each member of the collective, art has been a positive force in dealing with ‘heavy things in our personal lives and in the world around us. (It) has healed us, empowered us, made us more self-aware.’”

Thanks again to students Jaylen and Savannah for performing at the opening and to TRUE Skool leaders Shalina, Sarah and Tyrone for running this incredible program!

A few of us met with 88.9 Radio Milwaukee host Dori Zori to talk about the Collective for one of the station’s community stories. Listen to the audio of the interview here. Thanks Dori!

This weekend, we shared the very exciting news that our Collective has been commissioned by Alverno College to do the next round of their infamous billboard campaign! Look out for our work JUMBO sized around Southeastern Wisconsin this spring and summer.

Also, our 2014 show has been extended through April. If you couldn’t make the opening, you can check it out Wed-Sun 7PM-2AM at Studio Lounge (2246 S. KK, Bay View). 

Coming to the opening of our 2014 show? Donate $5+ to our community partner TRUE Skool and you’ll get one of our new logo stickers. Which are pretty fresh, huh?

2014 Exhibition Poster

Like our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information about the show and opening party.

Like last year, all proceeds from our March gallery events will go to support urban arts-based youth nonprofit TRUE Skool and their Be Girl Project.

Check out this quick mini documentary about them and you’ll see why they’re close to our hearts. 

P.S. They just moved to a new space in Grand Avenue that’s 8,000 sq ft bigger than their old spot. You can imagine how much stuff they need to fill it. Got some household or office supplies laying around you’re not using? Or an extra few bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Check out their needs list and donation link here.